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General background
The MyFrankowicze website was created after the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union was announced, which opened the way for people with loans in Swiss franc to pursue their rights in court. The sudden rise in the exchange rate of this currency caused very big problems with repayment of the obligation for many people. It was found that many provisions in loan agreements should not have occurred, which resulted in mass lawsuits against banks.
The MyFrankowicze website deals with acquiring contacts to people who have such a loan and want to take legal action against their bank
Technology and solutions
Time turned out to be the biggest challenge we faced when working on the website. It had to be created as quickly as possible, and had to stand out from the rest of the competition in terms of quality and appearance.
From the beginning, the client gave us a lot of freedom to decide and act, which accelerated the work process on the website. We started from choosing the technology (next.js, styled-components, aws s3, etc.), while working on the design, which was well-received owing to its friendly UX and had a very good impact on conversion.
Thoughtful design
smart solutions.
We realised that the key assumption would be to provide the user with very specific information as quickly as possible, which would allow to make a decision about establishing a contact.
The website in the form of a landing page allowed us to freely use all the information required for further contact and to place the information along with a contact form in a space that would be convenient for the user.
Advertisement on Facebook and Google Ads became the main channel to acquire contacts, whereas twice as many people used the mobile version. Therefore, it was important to carefully plan an intuitive and transparent version for mobile phones and tablets.
Landing page concept
The thoughtful way of communication with the user and intuitive design allowed the myFrankowicze website to stand out from the competition considerably and become a leader in the industry.
The user-friendly website rich in content was the reason why the advertising costs reduced substantially owing to a high conversion coefficient.
All the contacts acquired through the contact form on Facebook and through the form on the website were handed over directly to the customer service centre.
Due to the fact that the contacts handling system had already been developed by the client, we decided to keep it in its current form. We were responsible for the transfer of contacts to the existing infrastructure, thus making it possible to avoid extra costs.
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