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Start of e-commerce adventure
Bonus-czystość is a company located in northern Poland, operating since 1994 in the sale of cleaning machines. It has been a leader in the domestic market for many years.
Bonus-czystosc started its online sales at the very beginnings of the e-commerce industry in Poland.
After several years of cooperation with pixes, it now has 4 online stores two branches located in northern and southern Poland, and many regular customers. Continuous development of the sales network and investment in e-commerce has helped to maintain the leading position for the last 8 years.
Such a long cooperation has allowed us to get to know the industry in which the company operates in detail, and to help in organizing the sales process, building new online stores, introducing paid Facebook ads, Google Ads, positioning, improving the communication and organization of the company's work by implementing tools such as Slack, JIRA, Google Aps, and many more.
The bonus-czystosc store has been transformed from being a website that was originally just a product catalog with no purchase options; customers used to place their orders by e-mail or phone. As the company grew, we focused on expanding the website's functions and refreshing its appearance, we introduced the purchase option, while retaining the WordPress content management system (WooCommerce). This allowed us to utilize the existing situation 100% and reduce the costs of launching an entirely new sales platform, thereby avoiding the need for migration to another system.
From UX/UI designs
to e-commerce development.
Shop Design
For a store that has such a wide variety of products, and which, therefore, has to display a lot of different data, this is a particular challenge.
In the case of cleaning machines, it is essential to present all the relevant technical parameters as these are key from the customer's point of view, whereas for smaller floor cleaning utensils (e.g., mops), the most important attributes are those that allow for product configuration.
A special addition was a new section for calculating the remaining amount needed to qualify for free shipping, based on the prices of products already placed in the basket.
The previously installed tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar provided us with the data that allowed us to design the website based on the previous behavior of the store users while avoiding the errors of the previous version.
We saw great potential in improving the look of the mobile version, which ultimately resulted in a significant increase in the conversion rate.
New design
in numbers
bounce rate
avg. order value
Analysis and improvement
We also knew that one of the big problems with the old store was its navigation structure, which needed a significant redesign.
We placed the categories most important for the customers just above the banners and put the rest of the categories in a drop-down list, in which we also show a photo of the most popular device which, all together, makes it much easier to navigate the site.
On the home page, we decided to present products divided into the industries in which they can be used, with the addition of a hover selector that appears showing the most important technical data and significantly improves the purchasing process.
All sections have also been structured to make it as easy as possible to provide the additional information related to services and benefits that are offered after the purchase.
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